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Whenever I think of Thai food I think of green curry. So I was somewhat surprised when I asked my Thai classmate what dishes were common in Thailand, and she said Tom Yum soup and Green Papaya Salad.

Papaya is not my favourite food, I have memories of eating papaya at every meal in Mozambique. It is also not readily available in Korea. We tried our regular stores, foreign food shops, and nothing. My husband finally found lemon grass, green papaya, and kaffir lime leaves from a shop in another city, and which would deliver to us. Sadly they were out of sweet basil, but we did find basil at one of the foreign food stores.

Our Thai night combined foreign Thai food and Thai food. I cooked Tom Yum Goong, Green Papaya Salad, Yellow Duck Curry, Clams, and Coconut and Tapioca Pudding. This week all the dishes were tasty. Thai food is already popular and one of my favourites. After this week, my opinion hasn’t changed, and maybe I’ve converted my husband to be a fan too.

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