The Allure of Vintage

Vintage clothing shops have a certain aura about them. Imagining the person who wore the clothes or who carried the bag one hundred years ago is fun. No one else will have the same item. A vintage bag holds stories and memories, as well as your iPhone and lip gloss.

Make Do and Mend

If Marie Kondo and minimalism have been all the rage over the past few years, I am a maximalist who loves things. My goal to buy nothing new this year has gone down in flames. I have tried to look again at the clothes already in my wardrobe. I replaced my jeans with cotton trousers after I found that jeans might be the cause of my tops developing holes; I lost weight and bought more jeans.

Charity Shops and Sustainability


Last month I started shopping in charity shops. It all started with a Hobbs jumper in the Cancer Research window. I saw it, mulled over the downsides of buying it, thought about the upsides of having it, bought it.

Weighty Matters

Chaucer and M&S: NOOS

724         Sire Thopas wax a doghty swayn;
  725         Whit was his face as payndemayn,
726         His lippes rede as rose;
727         His rode is lyk scarlet in grayn,
728         And I yow telle in good certayn
729         He hadde a semely nose.