Fortune Favours the Brave

June 22nd at 6:52am

When I lived in France, I ate scallops each week. Delicious plump medallions of coquilles Saint Jaques in a creamy white sauce with lightly golden mushrooms were part of the Saturday dinner ritual.

A Few Fish Recipes

May 28th at 12:00am

Growing up, my grandma had a drawer crammed with recipes that she had carefully cut out of newspapers. The little piles of recipes were carefully classified and held together with an elastic band. When my grandma needed a recipe, she would go through the stacks to the exact place, take it out and cook it. She rarely had to go to the shops to buy new ingredients.

Cooking and Storytelling

February 14th at 7:32pm

Jay Rayner has recently been recommending cookbooks. I like Jay Rayner's columns. Obviously, I’m not alone. Hesitate too long to buy his book recommendations and the price rises from pennies to hundreds of pounds. Indecision meant I missed out on the first two books; I bought his third (and fourth) recommendation immediately. Rayner's third article on Fuscia Dunlop made me think about who has the authority to comment.

Photo Journal: Tomatoes

The leaves have fallen off the trees; Britain (and Korea) are now in the deep midwinter; our tomato plants are long gone.

Too Many Cooks in the Garden

May 3rd at 6:41am

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Love and Salad

April 17th at 8:18am

Rabbits are famous for two things: fecundity and a love of lettuce. While these two ideas are not commonly linked in modern times, that has not always been the case.