Fountains Abbey: These Passing Things

September 20th at 10:32am

We visit Fountains Abbey almost every week for a walk around the gardens. In the middle of July, three large scale artworks by Steve Messam appeared.

Hello Springtime 2021

We've been walking around spotting brightly coloured spring flowers.

Autumn Walks

Since coming home, I've been doing a lot of walking, and it turns out that walking is not only good for health but also helpful for photography. The light and colours in autumn have an almost ethereal other-worldly quality.

Photography and Stories

In an attempt to be productive and healthy during the lockdown, I started studying an online iPhone photography class. On this course, I have found that (good) photography (like everything it seems) also requires storytelling. However, telling a story with a photograph is not easy—especially one that has mystery and poses questions.